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The seed for Dancing Dragon Design was planted a lifetime ago when my 10 year old self went to play at a friend's two-storey A-frame home for the first time. Her dad was an architect.

Nestled in a suburban forest at the top of a hill, the glazed, full height entrance made it seem as though the trees beyond were inside the house. Raked, soaring ceilings, reminiscent of the birds I hoped to find upon crossing the threshold accentuated this connection to nature, while the exotic mezzanine sleeping loft was an amazing floating world that entranced and demanded instant exploration.


Up until that moment my only experience of architectural design had been spaces with low flat ceilings, minimal natural light or ventilation and no room for creative thought. As a result I started creating homes for the fairies in the garden out of anything nature dropped on the ground imagining I was making many wee folk happy.

Years later while studying for my bachelor degree in architectural design, the eternally fascinated child within serendipitously discovered the Feng Shui principle of the dragon's energy - think cross-flow, natural light and passive design principles - being able to move freely within a space. The instant mental image was of a dragon dancing - beautiful, joyous and free.

Time had elapsed once more when tangental research uncovered the belief that when dragons dance upon the earth, they make the dreams of humans into reality. And so, Dancing Dragon Design was born, with the underlying desire to manifest the dreams of people in a three dimensional form.

Journey well.


me and the Dragon

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