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the Journey

'Life is a journey, not a destination.'

Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Except isn't reaching the destination the whole point of this exercise? Well, yes. And, no. I term it a journey as it is a process that is best undertaken with a spirit of adventure and an open mind. It may include bumpy paths, low hanging foliage, the odd, unexpected detour and is best undertaken with people you like, trust and can communicate well with. The ability to have a good laugh doesn't hurt either!


Concept design.


This is where it all begins. Although in reality it may have begun for you in childhood, the share house in your twenties that had a good vibe or just last week when the only bathroom in the house finally got too small for you, your other half, the kids and the odd furry friend to squeeze into. However long this has been formulating, the important thing to remember is it is your dream.

My role is one of translator and facilitator. My professional skills, creativity and life experience combine to interpret this dream - which could be as intangible as a feeling you want to create - and to put the, at times, disparate pieces of the puzzle together. 

For me, having a client who is passionate and excited about the project results in a more socially sustainable, individually expressive outcome. Enthusiasm is definitely encouraged.



Working drawings.


You can start choosing paint colours while I get down to the nitty gritty of making the concept design legible for the range of other people who will be involved in making this a reality - the builder, engineer, certifier, energy assessor, planner and sub-contractors.

Essentially at the end of this stage you will have a full set of architectural working drawings which as a minimum will include dimensioned plans, elevations, sections and details.

The next step is structural drawings, which is another service I offer, the engineer's seal of approval and the issue from the certifier of the Building Permit.

All of this and not a single shovel has touched the soil!


My base services are concept design and development and architectural working drawingsStructural drawings can also be included in the fee structure and this is generally recommended for continuity of design. At all stages I liaise with relevant parties, having a strong preference for transparent communication as it results in a smoother building process and therefore better outcome for all.

I will also, for an additional fee, happily assist with interior finishes. It is either something you love or loathe - I love it - but either way can be overwhelming at times. So if you need a sounding board or a finishes board let me know.

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